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Welcome to

Recording Studio Galway


WHAT DOes yodel DO?



Live your music

       At Yodel Studio, my goal is to produce, record, mix or master and help you, independent artist, to improve your music.

    I work with the "in the box" concept and think out of the box. That means that we will get high quality results and superior sound leaving aside the big and expensive consoles by using the best that technology and a computer can offer.

        Some of the greatest music producers works exclusively
 "in the box". Justin Niebank (Taylor Swift), Robert Orton (Lady Gaga), Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) e Charles Dye (Bon Jovi) just to mention a few.

        If your project needs more space, we can take it to one of our partner's studio.

        Online mixing and mastering services are also provided.

Video Production
Music Production


Be well seen

     As a filmmaker, I've been working on company videos, documentaries, music videos, events, weddings, and no matter the type of film, I'm always committed with the quality of what I do. I do present creative solutions for your project and meet the needs of each client. If you have a bigger project, I have the right team to work on it with us. And more important, it doesn't need to be complicated to look great. 

      From the beginning to the end of your project, getting where the client want is my best shot! 

        You will come as a client and leave as a friend. Come join me for a coffee or a cup of tea and let's find the right solution for your project! 



"The attention and care

that your project needs"

"Less complication...

More music!"


Raise your playlist






Cesar Benzoni


     Italian Brazilian born in São Paulo, I got the Bachelor's degree (Radio and Television) in the Anhembi Morumbi University in 2008. I always worked as a musician aside from the university, and then I started gathering my musical acknowledgements with the theoretical and technicals concepts learned on college.

      Even before graduation, I've always been between the stages and the video companies. So in 2013 I decided to quit being an employee to set my own space. And That's How The Yodel Was Born, an audio and video company that believes in the potential of good arts, in the true value of good music and in the matter of friendship.

     I always loved the life in the fields, so I wanted my clients to feel this country comfort and tried to recreate this atmosphere and spirit

     Today I count on a huge team of professionals to attend the necessities of your project.

Giving life to your project

Cesar Benzoni


They always come back

O Bardo e o Banjo

Wagner Creoruska Jr.

O Bardo e o Banjo

We had the experience and pleasure to record our first and second album at Yodel. We wanted a cleaner ambient, with no pressure and not a lot of people around. That was the best decision we made.It is inexplicable, but being at Yodel, working with Cesar is an unique experience.

Danny Littwin

Danny Littwin

Grammy Award Winning Producer

Every single project that we have worked on together turned out great, his talents, eye, patience and abilities are a formidable combination. Amazing work. Great coffee too!

Wagner Passos

Wagner Passos

Music Director from "O Impostor Geral"

More then a hired service, at Yodel we found an extension of the the stage that our play is!

Vittor Meneghetti

Vittor Meneghetti

Actor and solo artist

To record a song nowadays is way acessible, but in a quality studio as Yodel, plus the criativity, experience, charisma and also Cesar's coffee... That's another story! It made all the difference on my recording!!




YODELREC@GMAIL.COM / TEL: +353 085 855 0195