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Record Studio Galway

     Yodel Studio is a recording studio in Galway City that exists to produce, record, mix, and master your music - with a strong emphasis on delivering a unique experience.

I want to bring a project to life: by hiring me, you’ll get the expertise you’re looking for - but with a more personal and customized touch as the cherry on top.

     The reason why musicians keep coming back to me is that we don’t just build an album or a song together: we build a relationship, and working in a comfortable and flexible environment ends up leaving more space for creativity.

I work with the "in the box" concept and think outside the box.

That means that we will get high-quality results and superior sound leaving aside the big and expensive consoles by using the best that technology and a computer can offer.
 And if your project needs more space, we can take it to one of our partner's studios, where you’ll get the same quality of experience - adapting to your needs to get the best results possible is an absolute priority!

Some of the greatest music producers who work exclusively "in the box” include: Justin Niebank (Taylor Swift), Robert Orton (Lady Gaga), Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and Charles Dye (Bon Jovi) - just to mention a few!



Recording Studio Galway
Music Studio Ireland
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   I started playing music professionally in 2005 and by 2008 I started recording acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, lead and background vocals to other artists and I haven't stopped since then. 

   My main experiences are in Country, Folk, Americana, Bluegrass, Irish Trad, Blues, Classic Rock and Pop Rock, and as a professional,  I'm committed to recording tracks that you'll be proud to listen to and release.

The recordings can be done here at Yodel and you can either come to the session or I can do it remotely. You'll just need to send me the files and I'll deliver a track that is ready to be mixed into your music.

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    While I mostly work with audio, I also have the skills to help you bring your video project into being.

    I take it upon myself to offer tailored services and constantly adapt to my customers’ needs.
 As a filmmaker, I have worked on company videos, documentaries, music videos, event coverage, weddings... - and no matter the type of film, I'm always committed to delivering a result of great quality, through a very creative approach.

    I truly believe that a video doesn’t need to be complicated to look great, but have a great team at hand should your project require more means. My ultimate goal is to create what you were envisioning - with a little bit of my vision sprinkled on top!

You will come as a client and leave as a friend... Come join me for a coffee or a cup of tea and let's find the right solution for your project!

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