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What Does Yodel Do?

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Yodel Studio is a recording space in Galway City that exists to produce, record, mix and master your music with a strong emphasis on delivering a unique experience

Recording Galway


With more than 10 years of experience recording for other artists, I can add my mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, lead and background vocals to your song

Music Studio Galway


No matter the type of film, I'm always committed to delivering a result of great quality, through a very personal and creative approach


My Work

"Less complication...
More music!"

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Giving life to your project

Cesar Benzoni

     Italian Brazilian born in São Paulo, I got a Bachelor's degree in Radio and Television at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in 2008.
I had been working as a musician alongside my studies, and then started combining my musical acknowledgments with the theoretical and technicals concepts that I learned in college. Up to this day, I am constantly studying a lot to deepen my knowledge and keep up with the best technologies available (after all, “as soon as you know, you forget that you know”...).
Over the years I went deeper into the audio and music production world with producers like Paulo Anhaia, Eric Silver, and David Glenn, and I got my audio certificates at OMiD International Audio Academy and Universidade do Áudio.

In 2013, after working for a few different companies, I decided to quit being an employee and set up my own space in Brazil, and since then, my productions sum more than a million plays on Spotify. Back then, working in the box was a necessity more than a choice, but I quickly came to realize that with this model came more freedom and independence, which led to better performance and more flexible creativity. Working at a smaller scale also enables me to offer the best quality at a fair price.   And that's how Yodel was born - an audio and video company that relies on the potential of good arts, the true value of good music, and the importance of friendship.

The way I work undoubtedly reflects my personality and background. For me, making people feel right at home is just as important as delivering top-quality services. Creating a personal bond with everyone I work with makes the experience unique - and the coffee I make is reputed to be just as unforgettable!

I have also always loved the life in the fields, so I wanted my clients to feel this country comfort and tried to recreate this atmosphere and spirit.
I am now based in the vibrant city of Galway, in the west of Ireland, where I can count on a great team of professionals to attend the necessities of your project.

The Space


     At Yodel Studio, the space plays as much of a part as the instruments themselves...

      Working in the box has lots of advantages, not the least of which being that having everything at hand leaves more space to be more creative.
But there’s more to it: when you let me handle your project, I let you into a workplace that I carefully created, thinking about every last detail that will make you feel like you belong there. 
From the fireplace to the wood materials, from the fairy lights to the delicious smell of fresh coffee, what used to be just a room will soon turn into your home.
My studio isn’t just a place to quickly record and leave, but a place to exchange and create in a cosy and warm atmosphere.
So sit back, relax, and enter the Yodel Studio experience... You are home!

Meet some of the mics

Bluebird SL Microphone


WA47jr Microphone


Sontronics Podcast Pro




The Bluebird SL delivers a modern, pristine, highly versatile sound. The hand-built capsule utilizes a fine, gold-sputtered Mylar diaphragm that delivers superior resonance at higher frequencies to help vocals cut through the mix.

Built in Texas, this condenser mic has the classic K47 capsule, the type that was used by countless artists, including Frank Sinatra. The WA47jr offers the best in terms of sound, function, and vibe from the classic era of analog recording.

Hand-built in the UK, this dynamic microphone was built to give stunning results on broadcast and voiceover, but it's also very musical and sounds great on sung vocal, also providing a good isolation from back and sides.

Hand-made in Brazil by OldBox, ribbon microphones are different from condensers and dynamics. They are known for their rich, warm sound and have been used to capture some of the most legendary recordings in history. 

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We had the experience and pleasure to record our first and second albums at Yodel. We wanted a cleaner ambient, with no pressure and not a lot of people around. That was the best decision we made. It is inexplicable, but being at Yodel, working with Cesar is a unique experience.

    O Bardo e o Banjo

  • Spotify - Círculo Branco
  • YouTube - Círculo Branco


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